Remote control panties have gained popularity among many people enjoy romantic relationships. These panties have a bullet that vibrates hence exciting the clit and other parts that are highly sensitive when touched. You do not have to walk up and down looking for a shop that sells these since you can buy them online from the comfort of your couch. In case you have been considering the idea of buying a remote controlled pant then you should check with the following brands right away and compare prices from different online dealers.

Booty parlor turn me on panty

The Booty parlor turn me on panty features silk fabric. It comes with a removable vibrating bullet that has an LCD screen making it easy for you to use the toy even when the lights are not working. The silk feel makes it very soft to offer you sexual pleasure whereas the mesh design adds on its sexy appearance.

California exotic novelties panty

The stretch fit thong comes with adjustable satin ties for customizing the fit. The secret bullet that accompanies the panty allows for keeping the bullet. It uses a remote control with several functions such as escalation, pulsation and vibration among others.

Berman center Astrea remote control vibrating panty

The Berman center Astrea remote control vibrating panty has a mini contoured mini stimulator with a removable and compact design. It comes with a number of functions for you to choose from when there is need to vary the intensity. If you want ultimate sexual satisfaction throughout then you should buy this panty right away.

In conclusion, if you are looking for some of the best remote control panties simply check online. We have various stores that stock these panties and you can get them at pocket friendly prices. Before you place an order for any of the panties confirm its features, price and shipping.

Choosing your first sex toy can be a daunting task because there are many of them in the market. You might not be able to understand the one that will satisfy you well. This article offers you some of the tips on choosing your first sex toy.

Carry out thorough homework by yourself

You might not exactly understand what you want, but in case you have an idea of the sort of stimulation you need, you have better chances of choosing the best sex toy for your specific needs. You can carry out research online or through books to find the one that will help you meet your sexual satisfaction needs. Make sure that you do not get ripped off; ensure you are shopping at an ethical and reputable sex shop.

Why do you want the sex toy?

Just like when you are buying for any other product, you must understand why you need it in order to choose the best. You need to choose sex toy based on utility. Note that the sex toys are not made for certain types of people, they are designed for certain kinds of sex play. Consider if you want something that penetrates inside, for external stimulation or both of them. You should also consider if you want a sex toy that operates on its own or one that you need to operate it. It is also good to consider if you want a toy for anal play, to wear on the penis, nipples or clitoris.


Price is another factor you have to consider during the selection process. You need to understand the budget you have in order to choose a sex toy that suits your budget. It is good to note that expensive toys are always the best because they are well designed and might last long compared to cheap ones. However, there are also cheap sex toys that can offer you maximum pleasure you need.

Vibrators are great when it comes to improving your sex life but a lot of people do not use them. Could it be that some couples are not sure of what the benefits of using vibrators are?

Better and stronger orgasm

Some women find that playing with a vibrator before actual penetration will give them a much better and stronger orgasm. It helps to make a woman much more relaxed, and does also stimulate her that little bit extra.

Vibrators can be used to stimulate both the clitoris and the vagina, and this certainly helps many women to orgasm much easier. There are now some vibrators on the market which stimulate both areas at the same time. It could be worth investing in one of those for that extra bit of pleasure.

Twice, please

If you have already achieved one orgasm but feel you are on the verge on the other, it could be a good idea to use a vibrator to bring the next one on.

Sometimes when your partner has already come, he may find it difficult to maintain his erection or get it back quickly. Vibrators solve this problem very neatly be stepping up to the task allowing you to enjoy one or more extra orgasms. You can play with the vibrator yourself, or let you partner help you.

Vibrators and men

Many men also enjoy vibrators, and can get great pleasure out of them. They can be used to stimulate the genital area, or alternatively used when you are on top of a man facing his toes. Try to stimulate his testicles with a vibrator and you will be amazed at the result. Use a slow setting and your partner will enjoy a deeper and longer lasting orgasm.

Vibrators are just wonderful sex aids which we should use more often during sex play. You can use them for that extra bit of stimulation or to pleasure yourself and your partner to the max.